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Life is meant to be lived, fully and freely. Using the powerful meditative-like techniques of hypnosis, you can remove resistance that comes in the form of habits, fears, and outdated thought patterns. Bypassing the analytical part of the brain, deeper creative, spiritual, and life purpose exploration is possible. You are in charge of the shifts you want to make. 

Energy Clearing and Balancing

Everything in our world contains energy. The air around us vibrates with an energetic superhighway that flows through and beyond us. Every cell of our bodies contain their own energy fields and that energy works together to keep our bodies balanced and working to full potential. Tuning these energy flows and releasing negative energy from our bodies and environment is important for health and well-being.

Retreats and classes

Getting away from our usual surroundings for a few hours or days is important to well-being.  I offer gatherings and retreats that stimulate your growth and nurture your most beautiful creation, yourself. In that space, we can do our best work of living.

When you give yourself the gift of time and opportunity for self reflection, the investment has far reaching impacts. Our families, friends, and colleagues all benefit. In a busy world, committing to and prioritizing our well-being and growth is hard, but removing resistances creates opportunities to keep our lives moving toward our dreams and strengthening our sense of self-worth.

Relationship Reveal

After launching Relationship Reveal™, I saw the struggle for solid self-worth on a deeper level. Without self-worth, which is different than self-esteem, it is difficult to experience the abundance and real joy available to everyone. The shifts found during hypnotherapy can bring real results in building a strong sense of self-worth. It is an important reason why I chose to be a hypnotherapist.

Relationship Reveal is a interactive tool designed to support people in their journey to find meaningful and loving connections with themselves and others and is available for purchase.

What is the biggest thing that stops people from living their lives in the present moment? Fear - and we must learn to overcome fear.
— Brian Weiss

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