An ancient healing technique made modern.


When you give yourself the gift of time and the opportunity for self-reflection, the investment has far reaching impacts. Our families, friends, and colleagues all benefit.  In a busy world, committing to and prioritizing our well-being and growth is hard, but removing resistances creates opportunities to keep our lives moving toward our dreams and strengthening our sense of self-worth.

Hypnotherapy can address many different desires or concerns.


  • Reduce anxiety, process grief and loss
  • Increase self-esteem/self-worth
  • Habit change (Lose weight, stop smoking, improve sleep)
  • Explore life purpose, spirituality, meditation, and past lives
  • Improve sports performance


  • Manage stress
  • Clarify career path
  • Gain confidence presenting to small or large groups


  • Break through creative roadblocks
  • Generate new solutions or innovations
  • Write while in trance

While I work with people in all of the above areas, I have special training in working with adults and children with ADD/ADHD and other learning differences, as well as past life regression and spiritual exploration.

Let's talk about other areas where hypnotherapy may be just the right technique for you.        

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy in various forms has been around for thousands of years and is experiencing a surge in popularity as more people discover the incredible ability to take charge of their well-being using this powerful modality.

The human brain is powerful. As it develops over the lifespan, it learns based on experiences and genetics. By creating habits or “neural networks” the brain operates efficiently and learns to protect us from harm and hurt. Those protections often block us from living a full emotional and physical life.  

Avoiding experiences based on previous pain, or continuing a bad habit because of a one time positive association are examples of ways the brain locks us into a behavior pattern.  For example, smoking because it was cool and and created a sense of belonging as a youth may keep you smoking as an adult. Or, being vulnerable in an intimate relationship, and then being abandoned may make you avoid being vulnerable again.

Hypnotherapy helps unwind those associations and creates positive change through new, preferred associations by getting past the analytical part of the consciousness and working at the subconscious level (the brains book of instructions) to remove blocks, especially fear.

A hypnotherapy session is different for every client based on the goal, but the commonalities are:

  • Brief intake discussion of objectives
  • Entering a relaxed state that feels like a deep level of meditation
  • Back and forth discussion between the client and I, guided by me based on the clients directives and needs in the moment (often referred to as client-centered hypnotherapy)
  • Brief debrief at the close of the session
  • "Homework" to be done between and following sessions to reinforce and build on work done in session

People often describe the sensation as being completely relaxed, aware and able to control what is happening, able to disclose only what they wish, and at the end, as though they have had a satisfying nap while experiencing profound change.

Want to schedule a session or just curious to know more, contact me and we can set-up a discovery call.