Happiness Snacks aka Share Your Joy

Every day we experience moments of joy. Big or simple flashes. I want to create a network of joy here on this page. A place where you can take a photo and share a snippet of what that moment meant to you. So, if inspired, please take a picture and send a few words about it to me at this email address. If it is appropriate, I will post here. (While I am not a fan of rules, I would like to keep this G rated so it is appropriate for children.)



My mother captured this on a trip with friends to Hawaii.  There are so many pictures of sunsets but this one struck me with the movement of the clouds. And, I love the pictures my mom takes. It makes me feel like I am there with her.



The intricate ceiling of the blue mosque in istanbul

Despite the number of visitors inside, it was so incredibly peaceful. The beauty and intricacy of the tile work ceiling inspired me to think of the sky.

the alps near grindelwald

If you look closely you can see the icy blue of the glacier tucked in the bowl of the mountains. I was hiking alone with my thoughts in the mist.




This stunning woman was discovered gracing a wall on a path to the sea. Every day on my way down I would see her and smile. Her joy ride with the dolphin was so beautiful.