Sandra Fischer

I'm in love with life.

I have a passion for understanding the human experience, especially relationships. Finding ways to make the world a kinder, gentler place is a core value. My biggest dream is that every person can speak their truth and feel safe and loved at the same time.

Since I created and launched Relationship Reveal™, an interactive deck of cards to support genuine intimacy and relationship skill building, it has been incredible working with people and learning about what they find are their strengths and where they are looking to improve the quality of their lives and relationships.

The biggest struggle I see is with self-worth, or mainly the lack of it. It is the root of many issues that cause problems in all of our relationships and contributes considerable stress and anxiety. It has also been a personal struggle for me so I can relate to the journey and how hard it is to make the shift from feeling unlovable to wholly deserving of abundance and love. This understanding inspired me to find more ways to support others, and my experience with hypnotherapy as a client was so powerful that I knew being a practitioner was my way to do it.

My qualifications as a hypnotherapist and energy worker include:

Previously, I spent 28 years working for companies including Microsoft, Amazon.com, and AT&T Wireless, in jobs ranging from project management, people development, finance, and as an organizational effectiveness consultant. My roles and projects were as unique and broad as managing the homepage for Amazon.com to developing an online marketing campaign for a literary novel launch.

These experiences uniquely position me to support organizations and individuals by helping people and teams cope with job stress, move beyond creative blocks, work together more effectively, and increase innovation.