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Hypnotherapy + Energy Healing

The combination of hypnotherapy and energy healing can produce powerful, long-lasting results to support well-being and happiness. Each session is tailored to the client’s needs and desires.

(Hypnotherapy and energy healing can be done in person or remotely.)


3 Months of Hypnotherapy + Energy Healing

Includes six hypnotherapy + energy healing sessions plus unlimited energy healing only sessions

Five Session Package


Single Session


One Hour Session for Child/Teen

Energy Healing

Energy healing is a helpful way to improve emotional and/or spiritual balance. I remove energetic blockages in and around your body (especially in the auric field and the chakras) which improves your natural flow of energy.


3 Months of Energy Healing

Includes six 30-minute in-person sessions with unlimited phone requests for remote work

Single Session

Sacred Healing Rose Ceremony

In this multi-sensory experience, release and re-balance using the healing energy of the beautiful and sacred rose. Derived from techniques handed down from ancient traditions, this sacred ceremony connects you with the divine and removes energetic blocks to your highest and best self.  

(The ceremony is offered in person only.)

Space Clearing

Homes, cars, and offices collect energy, which affects those who use them. A space clearing can remove the energy left behind from guests, service providers, and residents (current and former) leaving a more positive, uplifting, and peaceful experience and feel.   

(In person or distance work.)

Reveal your best self.