Energy Balancing and Clearing

Feeling unsettled, ungrounded or disconnected? Does something in you or your environment just feel off?  These can be signs of an energy imbalance, energy blockage, or negative energy stuck in your body or environment.

Healing through energy work is a helpful way to improve emotional and/or spiritual balance. I use a safe, non-invasive technique that allows me to remove energetic blockages in and around the body (especially in the auric field and the chakras) thus improving the natural flow of energy. It is generally considered a relaxing and comforting experience and can be done in person or from a distance.

As our homes, cars, offices and other belongings contain a flow of energy, it is often useful to have the spaces or items cleared of energy. This is especially important when negative energy is present, or something just feels bad.  For example, this work is particularly beneficial when moving in or out of a home, purchasing a previously owned car, within a business environment after difficult meetings or negotiations, or after a home remodel.


To support my clients during hypnotherapy, I am able to combine energy work in conjunction with hypnotherapy. 

Contact me for more information as to how this could be beneficial in your life.