The Great Writers Escape

Open the Door to Your Creative Flow

June 25 - July 1, 2018

Can't go in 2018 but want to plan for 2019?  Click here.

Have you longed for the space and time to write without interruption, immersed in a peaceful landscape, with a simple flow to daily life? Then this writers workshop is for you, where your creative mind expands in the silence, and you have the space to explore your creative work with new depth while restoring your spirit.


Eremito Hotelito del Alma

Welcome to the Great Writers Escape at Eremito, a magical eco-luxury retreat, deep in the Umbrian countryside of Italy. From the moment you pass through the gate, you are transported to a different time, a slower pace. The world beyond the walls dims and only the rolling hills and endless sky meet the eye. Daily life is simple; reflective of the hermitage lifestyle it is modeled after. Your mind is allowed to wander freely and unencumbered, open to the flow of magic in your writing, inspired by the backdrop of Italian food, culture and landscape.

Eremito takes us out of the hustle of our normal routine and provides silence, a detox from technology, and nourishment for the body, mind and soul. In this environment, writers get what they wish for most, (besides a book contract)…time, space, and silence. Time to get more words on the page; space to allow the story to develop, characters to come alive, and plot lines to unfold; and silence to hear ourselves think. It is easy to work through blocks with a nature walk, immersed in the jacuzzi or Turkish sauna, or just sitting in the peace of the garden watching the sky. Without distractions, you can find a deeper engagement with your creative work.

Guided by hypnotherapist and author of Relationship Reveal, Sandra Fischer, we will use the ancient techniques of hypnosis and meditation side by side with writing fundamentals to open the creative channels, stimulate new ideas, and remove blocks.

During our almost six days together, each participant will experience:

  • 2 hours of private hypnotherapy to explore their creative work
  • Daily yoga and guided meditation
  • Cacao ceremony
  • 1 hour of daily workshop time to develop writing skills with the group or in pairs
  • 30 minutes of private chakra clearing and energy balancing
  • Evening conversation and/or readings
  • Quiet and solitude
  • Hours of writing time

What is included:

  • 6 nights of lodging in a “celluzze”, a beautifully simple solo room complete with a stone writing desk, a view of the valley or gardens, private bath, and full bed
  • All meals included beginning with dinner on Monday and ending with breakfast on Sunday; the  delicious, healthy meals are vegetarian with a buffet style breakfast, four course lunch, and the unique four course silent dinner. Wine is served with lunch and dinner.
  • Transport from the train station in Fabro to Eremito.
  • Use of the jacuzzi and sauna

Price:  $2,075 ($100 discount applied if booked before April 1, 2018, (excludes airfare and transportation to Fabro) 

More to know....

Where is Eremito?

Eremito is located in the region of Umbria, the heart of Italy. It is about two hours from Rome or Florence via car or train into the town of Fabro and/or train station of Fabro Ficulle.  See here.

How does hypnotherapy work for writing?

When in trance, writers get past conscious filters and inner critics making it easier to break through creative roadblocks, generate new ideas, answer questions, and often write and produce pages. You can increase your confidence in your writing and creative abilities. If you are working on historical fiction, it can be useful to explore past lives to get a sense of time and place in different time periods. Unusual, but it can provide an interesting perspective if you are open to it.

How much group interaction will there be?

Yoga and meditation will be done as a group. There will be an hour each day spent working on an element of skills development together or in smaller groups. Meal times are communal, with dinner in silence. Any and all activities are optional based on your needs and desires.

What is the size of the group?

Eremito is a small venue and I intend to keep the group small, around 6 people. I will determine the final number as I see the composition of the group, what it appears the group needs, and space available.

What do you mean by no technology?

There is no WiFi, cell service, telephones in the rooms, or television anywhere visible. Technology is not allowed in the common areas. In my room I wrote using my laptop, and if I wanted to be elsewhere I used paper and pen. It worked beautifully. When I wanted to read or take pictures, I used my Kindle or my iPhone. I also walked listening to music when so inspired. The break from technology was powerful. 

Why is the silence so important?

Almost every writer I know values time in the chair most.  As writers we seldom get the space and time we need to immerse ourselves in our projects or develop them fully. 

When I did this retreat last year, I was stunned by my response creatively, mentally, physically and emotionally. The break from technology and the demands of home life and work allowed a silence that let my nervous system and brain rest from the daily over-stimulation. My writing evolved beautifully, in a way that it likely could not have staying in my routine.  I had nothing to think about except the creative work in front of me. It was exciting and opened the door to endless possibilities, and I learned more about myself as a writer. 

It completely changed my life and so I wanted to share this experience and place with others.

Do you long to travel solo but are unsure how to do that or would feel unsafe? 

Eremito is designed for the solo traveler making it a great way to get your feet wet in the solo travel department. You have lots of quiet, alone time but yet there is a group there should you need/want more interaction. 

May I bring a spouse or friend?

There are a few rooms available at Eremito that accommodate two people. It is important to consider the importance of solitude in this type of retreat. It is designed to give you the maximum amount of free mental space possible. You will have to determine if your experience will be compromised by sharing your space.